My Property Manager is a business that focuses on service and a good result for you – the property owner. I will be covering every aspect of the job and not delegating any part to someone who is unfamiliar with the property or tenants, i.e. inspection or rent reviews.

Tenant Selection

This is vital to ensure that the property is looked after and rent is kept up to date. To be able to select the best tenants I will credit check through both bureaus, call the currant landlord and employer, check tenancy tribunal, courts, fines, police, property, obituary and the list goes on. These back ground checks ensures that I am well equipped to select the best tenant for your property. When a tenant gives notice to vacate the property advertising will commence immediately to mitigate any loss of rent by having the property vacant.

Property inspections and maintenance

Prior to the tenants moving into the property a comprehensive property condition report is done along with photos taken. Then an inspection is completed around six weeks after the tenant moves in and then every three months after that. You will receive an inspection report after each inspection. When maintenance is required you will be involved in coordinating this unless you do not wish to be.

Rent collection and payments

Rent is entered daily and any non-payments are quickly identified and dealt with instantly to avoid or control any problems. All rent is paid into a trust account and paid out to owners twice a month with a statement sent at the end of each month.


The fee structure is very simple, 8% plus GST on all rent collected. There are no inspection fees, credit check fees, maintenance charges or set up costs.

Training and Knowledge

I have worked in three different Property Management Companies over 15 years both independent and Real Estate and along the way I have learn various ways of operating.  Through this I have gained a strong understanding of Tenancy Law, best practice in Tenancy Tribunal and a fantastic understanding of people and their needs. I am committed to continued training and staying up to date with market trends.


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